Longyp On Mobile

Longyp.com now launch android app, you can visit longyp use your android phone!

Download Longyp.con Android App:

[button url=”http://www.longyp.com/20161215longyp.apk” size=”medium” color=”#000000″]Download Now[/button]

Download with QR CODE:

Download Manga use your Mobile Phone

Step 1:

A Browser(chrome,safari,ie and all other mobile browser),Android user can use Longyp.com app or a Browser,Foxstore Premium account(support Direct downloads)

Step 2:

Login to your Foxstore premium account,Selected Direct downloads(Premium only), then click save settings

Step 3:

Open www.longyp.com,click any manga,Choose a link for download,beacuse foxstore premium account support Direct downloads

now you can download use your mobile phone, you can save your manga on your mobile phone.

you can use other app unzip rar or zip files, you can found app on https://play.google.com/store or app store

When you Extract files to your mobile phone, you can read manga use your mobile phone in anywhere!

How to Purchase Foxstore premium account

At this time you can purchase Premium Key from our reseller



when your order is completed,you will receive a premium key like this 3cqlhc1zs5wgyzp, login to your foxstore account

Click apply, your account will be upgrade to premium account!




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