Foxstore Premium

Buy Foxstore Premium use Credit Card:

First You need register a account, then login in

Go to this page:

0001 300x174 Foxstore Premium

Click the credit card logo( First)

0002 300x270 Foxstore Premium

Choose your payment methond, Visa, Master or Jcb or other, important , do not use proxy service, use your local ip

proxy or remove ip address can’t see the credit card methond

0003 300x180 Foxstore Premium

Choose your payment methond, agree ther terms, Then continue, Enter your credit card number and billing address

it will be back foxstore, you account will be Piemium!

How to enable direct download for Piemium user:

Login to your account

0004 300x69 Foxstore Premium

Choose direct download

You will download instantly, no wait, no need open download page!

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